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At Proventus CrossFit we know your free time and leisure activities are important. We offer a diverse range of services to meet the cultural, entertainment and recreational interests of our customers in the Mankato, MN area. Whether you are looking to meet new friends or just get away from it all Proventus CrossFit can help.

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What We Offer:


Crossfit is defined as “constantly varied, high intensity functional movement.”  What does that mean for you and your workout?

Constantly varied – you rarely repeat the same workout, so you always have something new to try, rather than running on the same old treadmill and lifting the same old weights everyday.  The cool thing is that the variety in Crossfit makes your change and adapt constantly so you avoid plateaus.

High Intensity – Intensity gets results!  Have you ever gone to a gym a noticed the same person walking on the same treadmill that does the same thing every time they workout and their body never changes?  They lack intensity! (And variety) In order for a body to change it needs to have to do something harder than what its used to, so it realizes it needs to become stronger/fitter/leaner to keep up with what it’s being asked to do. Intensity is different for everyone, but as long as you’re challenging yourself, you will see improvement.

Functional Movements – Your body is the machine!  You won’t see any fancy weight or cardio machines at Proventus Crossfit.  We get your body moving the way it supposed to with free weights (lifting and moving stuff), gymnastics (moving your own body through space) and basic human activities like running, jumping, throwing, carrying, sprinting, etc.  When your body gets to move how it wants to (rather than being limited to how a machine makes it move) it improves in performance, and when it improves in performance it improves in appearance.

Essentially, Crossfit classes are personal training performed in a group setting, doing an athletic type of workout.  You always have a coach and you always have teammates.  Whether you’re an athlete, former athlete, or someone who has never been into athletics and just wants to be in better shape, anyone can train like an athlete.  Athletes train for performance and the side effects are leaner, stronger, fitter, more toned bodies that not only look great, but feel great and can live up to any challenge.  Don’t try and train for a “look,” train for performance and the look and ability follows.

Still not sure what CrossFit is?  Check out these videos courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

Let me Tell You About CrossFit

CrossFit Women

From Couch to Capable

*Everyone starting a CrossFit program with us needs to complete our Basic Training first.  Basic Training is M/W/F at 6:30pm and lasts for 2 weeks (6 classes, all of which must be attended before you begin CrossFit classes).  In Basic Training, you will get a great workout (no matter if you’re just getting started with fitness or already in great shape) learning all the foundation movements.  We will spend some time on mobility/flexibility, learn how to use the equipment used in Crossfit, and get used to how the classes work so that when you get into your first CrossFit class, you know exactly what to do and don’t have to feel frustrated or embarrassed being the new kid.


Personal Training 

We have been working with a diverse range of clients since 2002.  We’ve worked with kids, seniors, athletes, people with joint replacements, people looking for weight loss and people looking to build muscle.  We’ve even worked with several of the Biggest Losers contestants! 

Whether you’re looking for basic general fitness and weight loss all the way to competition programming, we have the knowledge, experience and desire to get you the results you want.


Open Gym 

Although our primary services are CrossFit and Personal Training, we also offer some regular gym hours.  It comes free with personal training and can be added to your Crossfit classes, or you can just get a gym only membership and skip the classes and training.  You get access to all the great equipment that we use for Crossfit and training, you just have figure out whatever you want to do with it.

*Open gym is not available at any time of the day.  Please refer to our schedule for specific open gym hours.